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Ms. Melinda's Dance Studio offers a large range of classes for students to take. We have grown our program since 2006 to become an award winning dance studio in the St. Cloud area. We help our students develop into outstanding dancers and role models throughout our community, while bringing the joy of dance to so many.

Ms. Melinda's Dance Studio strongly believes in a family friendly environment, and we ensure that our students are dressed age appropriately and learn routines that a friendly to all viewers. Our dancers are only required to dance one day per week to ensure they have time for other activities. We also support students that do wish to take several dance classes per week.

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Our Story


I'm  Ms. Melinda...

Ms. Melinda’s Dance Studio first opened its doors in 2006 with the idea of a studio where dancers can grow and develop together as a family; a studio that will become a fundamental piece in their personal growth.  Over the years, MMDS has had a few different homes within our community of Waite Park, MN. From our first single classroom studio to our current state of the art facility, we’ve always built and designed with our students and their families in mind. 

The studio was created based upon the experiences I had as a dancer.  Just like the students that walk through our doors today, I thrive on relationships, the power of expression and a passion for art.  These things have enriched my life and make me the person I am today.  

MMDS is not just a name:  It stands for the core values that define who we are as a studio, as dancers and as people.  Making a Difference, Mentorship, Dedication and Self Worth are values that will stay with our dancers long after they hang up their dancing shoes.

Welcome to MMDS!  I look forward to each of you becoming a part of our story!

Melinda Tamm


Ms. Melinda's Dance Studio