2020 - 2021 Competition Teams

We have six main competition teams that are determined via auditions in June. Depending upon their age and skill levels, they will compete in the Beginner and Intermediate levels at competitions. Dancers at these levels are willing and able to commit to the hours required, and all groups are based upon age AND skill level. Competition dancers are expected to have great work ethic and the ability to work as a part of a team. Dancers are able to be involved in school activities.

Stargazers: Ages 5 (as of Sept. 1, 2020) through 8

  • Practice 1.5 hours per week, plus required ballet (2.25/2.5 hours per week total).
  • PreBallet class time is scheduled immediately before Stargazers class time.
  • Stargazers will compete in Jazz and Tap.
  • Dancers at this level are 1st and 2nd year competitive dancers who work hard and listen well in class, and have the skill and ability to go on stage on their own and perform at a competitive level.

Rising Stars: Ages 6 - 9

  • Practice 2 hours per week, plus required ballet (3 hours per week total).
  • Rising Stars will compete in Jazz, Tap and Ballet.
  • Dancers on this team are still relatively new to competition and are continuing to develop as dancers and performers.

Starlights: Ages 7 - 11

  • Practice 2.5 hours per week, plus required ballet (3.5 hours per week total)
  • Starlights will compete in Jazz, Tap and Ballet.
  • Dancers will be placed on this team based on skill, performance ability, flexibility and strength.

Rockstars: Ages 9 - 13

  • Practice 2.5 hours per week, plus required ballet (3.5 hours per week total).
  • Rockstars will compete in Jazz, Tap and Lyrical.
  • Dancers must display a high level of dance ability and skill.

Show Stars: Ages 12 - 18

  • Practice 3 hours, 1 day per week, plus required ballet, which may be on a different day (4 hours per week total).
  • Show Stars will compete in Jazz, Tap, and Lyrical/Ballet/Contemporary.
  • Dancers must display a high level of dance skill. This team's practice time (6:15 - 9:15pm during the school year) works well for those students with outside studio activities.

Elite Stars: Ages 13 - 18

  • Practice 2 hours per day, 2 days per week. Ballet is included during class time. (4 hours per week total).
  • Elite Stars will compete in Jazz, Tap and Lyrical/Ballet/Contemporary.
  • Elite Stars are the top technical dancers who compete at a higher level while still having time to be in other activities outside of the studio.

Hip Hop Teams

Hip Hop Teams: We offer four different Hip Hop teams. These dancers are not required to take an additional ballet class and will meet for 1 hour each week. Students who are part of the Junior Crew, Super Crew and or SuperNova Crew, also are eligible for our Grand line Hip Hop team.
Mini Crew: Ages 5-10
Junior Crew: Ages 9-12
Super Crew: Ages 11-18
SuperNova Crew: Determined completely on skill level

Speciality Teams - Production Team/ Grand Lines:
Hip Hop Grand Line: This team is open to Junior Crew, Super Crew, SuperNova and Dream Team dancers. This is an additional competition option for our top Hip Hop dancers.
The Production Team 2020-2021 will be a Contemporary dance that features Competition students from teams of all ages and skill levels. All Diamond level dancers are required to be a part of this group Stargazers are not eligible.

Diamond Level
This is our elite level of competition dancers. This select group of dancers is willing and able to commit more time and has a higher level of ability, including ballet techniques and acrobatic skills. These dancers have outstanding work ethic and exhibit the skills necessary to be part of a high-level team, and parents are committed to this level of critique and expectation. Diamond teams are expected to attend more events and they participate and compete in more dances. They are required to take Acro and Ballet, and are required to participate in our Production team. Diamond level dancers who perform with multiple teams will be eligible for incentive pricing. Please check with the office for details.

Coming fall of 2021: Senior Elite team will be a team for dancers grade 10-12th only.