Ballet and Pointe in Waite Park, St. Cloud, & Stearns County, MN 2020-2021

Ballet and Pointe in Waite Park, St. Cloud, & Stearns County, MN 2020-2021

Ms. Melinda's Dance Studio has the leading ballet program in Central Minnesota. We offer a comprehensive program that includes classes in Pre-Ballet through level 6, along with a Pointé program. It features logical curriculum that puts a clear understanding on anatomical training, comprehension of concepts and vocabulary, with special attention to classroom etiquette. Our ballet program features methods from both Russian and French methods to ensure our students are well trained.


Pre-Ballet Ages 4 & 5Wednesdays5:15-6:00 pm$48.00/Month
Ballet Level 1Mondays5:15-6:15 pm$48.00/Month
Ballet Level 1Tuesdays4:15-5:15 pm$48.00/Month
Ballet Level 2 Testing RequiredMondays4:15-5:15 pm$48.00/Month
Ballet Level 2 Testing RequiredTuesdays4:15-5:15 pm$48.00/Month
Advance Ballet Monday8:15-9:15 pm$48.00/Month
Pre Pointe (Includes Ballet)Tuesdays7:30-9:00 pm$72.00/Month
Pointe (Included Ballet -testing required)Wednesdays7:00-8:30 pm$72.00/Month


Pointe Classes

These classes are designed for the ballet dancer looking for a more challenging way to continue to grow in their ballet technique. All pointe dancers are required to take a ballet class. Students will be placed on ability by the instructor. Pointe class will perform in the spring recital.


  • Students will continue learning pointe techniques at the barre as well as moving into the center and across the floor.
  • Students will build on the fundamentals of classical ballet and pointe to ensure proper education and technique.


Pointe Ballet Class RequiredWednesdays8:00-8:45 pm$48.00/Month