Basic Dance Classes in Waite Park, St. Cloud, & Stearns County, MN  2020-2021

Our basic level dance classes are for the dancers who want to learn dance techniques and have fun in a relaxed atmosphere. Tiny Tots (ages 2-3) will learn a variety of short motion dances,rhythm excercises, balancing exercises, ballet techniques and more. Pre-Schoolers to Grade 1, students learn the fundamentals of tap and ballet. For Grades 2 and up, classes focus on the improvement and advancement of jazz, ballet, and tap skills at an appropriate pace. Every class is based on age and ability and is curriculum-based. Skills and abilities are evaluated throughout the year to ensure dancers are getting the best dance education and technique training. Classes with a 2 after them are designed for students who have previously danced at Ms. Melinda's and have passed required skills. This is a 9 month program. All Basic dancers will perform in our spring recital.

Tiny Tots Ages 2 & 3Tuesdays4:30-5:15 pm$48.00/Month
Tiny Tots Ages 2 & 3Wednesdays5:00-5:45 pm$48.00/Month
Tiny Tots Ages 2 & 3Wednesdays6:00-6:45 pm$48.00/Month
Pre-School Ages 3 & 4Monday4:15-5:15 pm$48.00/Month
Pre-School Ages 3 & 4Tuesday5:15-6:15 pm$48.00/Month
Pre-School Ages 3 & 4Wednesday6:00-7:00 pm$48.00/Month
Advanced Pre-School Ages 4 & 5Mondays5:00-6:00 pm$48.00/Month
Advance Pre-School Ages 4 & 5Tuesdays5:30-6:30 pm$48.00/Month
Advanced Pre-School Ages 4 & 5Wednesdays6:00-7:00 pm$48.00/Month
Twinkles K-Grade 1Tuesday6:30-7:30 pm $48.00/Month
Twinkles K-Grade 1 Wednesday 5:00-6:00 pm$48.00/Month
Comets Invite only grade 1st & 2ndMonday6:00-7:00 pm$48.00/Month
Moonbeams Grades 2nd-4thTuesdays6:30-7:30 pm$48.00/Month
Moonbeams Grades 2nd-4thWednesdays5:00-6:00 pm$48.00/Month
Sunbeams Grades 4th-6thWednesdays5:30-7:00 pm$72.00/Month
Dazzlers Grades 5th -12thTuesdays7:30-9:00 pm$72.00/Month