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Production National Champion 2024

Looking for a dance studio that will make you proud? Join our award-winning, highly sought-after program at Ms. Melinda's Dance Studio! We compete in regional and national competitions and perform at various community events throughout the year. Our teams are renowned for their outstanding technical skills, age-appropriate costuming, and strong performance training.

"My heart was full of pride watching the dancers be recognized for their hard work and dedication."

Why parents love our program

Efficient Scheduling

We respect your time with well-planned, consistent schedules that minimize unnecessary studio hours and avoid wasting time.

Comprehensive Training

Our teams practice 6 weeks in the summer and throughout the school year, ensuring they are always performance-ready.

Community Involvement

Your child will have the opportunity to dance at local events, fundraising activities, parades, Timberwolves games, and more. 

Competitions Teams

A Year-Round Competitive Dance Progar: Audition-Based Skill Development. 

Our competition teams focus on developing well-rounded individuals through the joy of dance. We nurture both exceptional dance skills and personal growth, emphasizing confidence, teamwork, and discipline.

Join us and watch your child thrive both on and off the dance floor.


Fundamental / Recreational Program

Discover the Joy of Dance Without the Competition

These classes focus on building foundational skills and conclude with an exciting annual recital.

Perfect for dancers and those looking to improve their technique, these classes also benefit competition team members wanting to enhance their skills and prepare for high school dance teams.


We understand that finding the right dance studio is about more than just convenience—it's about choosing a place where your child can grow, excel, and shine. At Ms. Melinda's, we provide an environment that supports your child's passion for dance and helps them develop their skills to the highest level.

If you want your child to be part of a dance studio that emphasizes excellence, efficiency, and pride, consider joining Ms. Melinda's. We're worth the drive!