Our Program for Waite Park, St. Cloud, and All of Central Mn.

Ms. Melinda's Dance Studio offers a large range of classes for students to take. We have grown our program over the last 15 years to become an award winning dance studio in the St. Cloud area. We help our students develop into outstanding dancers and role models throughout our community, while bringing the joy of dance to so many lives. Ms. Melinda's Dance Studio strongly believes in a family friendly environment, and we ensure that our students are dressed age appropriately and learn routines that a friendly to all viewers. Our dancers are only required to dance one day per week to ensure they have time for other activities. We also support students that do wish to take several dance classes per week.

Our program for Basic Lines is developed on the foundation of technique and the use of a curriculum. Our curriculum is individualized for each class level based on age and ability. It is also divided into quarters, allowing evaluation of both students and teachers every two months. We strive to have our students grow and develop every year they are in dance, which is achievable with the implementation of our curriculum and evaluation.

Tiny Tots: This program introduces students age 2 & 3 to dance. In this class students learn a variety of short motion dances, and creative movement dances, while working on developing skills such as balance, rhythm, teamwork and classroom etiquette. This program also introduces ballet terminology and technique. The Tiny Tots class performs one dance at the spring recital.

For Basic Lines ages 3 through grade 1, students will learn tap and ballet technique throughout the year. These classes are built on the foundation of ballet, and we strive to ensure the classroom is a fun yet educational place for the students. Students in these classes will perform a ballet and a tap routine at the annual spring recital.

Starting in Grade 2 and continuing through the student's senior year, students expand on their ballet technique while implementing this to the style of jazz. Students in these grades continue to learning techniques of ballet, tap and jazz throughout the year. They perform a jazz and tap routine in the spring recital. We understand that competition teams are not for every student; therefore we encourage students to grow as dancers on our Basic Lines.

Specialty classes such as Hip Hop and Pointe are designed for students who wish to study in one area of dance or to expand their training.

Our Hip hop program is offered for student's grades K-12, and is one of the hottest trends today. Our Hip hop classes are free form movements and choreography done to hip hop or pop music. Our Hip Hop classes give the students training to be like many of their favorite music idols.

Pointe classes are offered to students who have outstanding ballet technique and would like to expand their training in the most advanced form of dance. Students must be tested in order to ensure that their bodies are ready for this area of dance. Here at Ms. Melinda's, safety of our dancers come first.

Competition Teams are for students who would like to perform and compete on a higher level of dance. Students on competitive teams dance between 1.5 and 6 hours one to two days a week, depending on the age and ability levels. They train in ballet, pointe, lyrical, contemporary, jazz and tap and hip-hop. Competition student's perform in community dance shows, 3-4 competitions and the spring recital. Students on competitive teams also travel every other summer out of state for Nationals and performance opportunities such as Holly Ball. Competitive student are required to attend auditions each year for their team placements. Placement of teams is based off of abilities and age. For more information about our competitive teams please call.

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